Brand identity for a web host 

Brand strategy and identity for a web host powered by green energy. 

Krystal is an established player within the web hosting sector, having been around for over 20 years. They initially approached Avery & Brown for help running a marketing campaign, before commissioning us for a full brand strategy and identity overhaul. 

We worked with them on a full-day brand strategy workshop, with around 8 members of their team. They were a hugely focused, humorous, and visionary group, so we knew there was a lot we could do to communicate their vision and values more clearly, and help to differentiate them from 'the hosting look'. The team were keen to set Krystal apart as the 'artisanal' option, to attract a technically proficient customer demographic, as opposed to the democratic approach of big players like Go Daddy.

My design concept was meant as an evolution of Krystal’s current brand identity; stemming from the belief that Krystal had a history to be proud of, but nonetheless, wanted a new beginning. My designs reimagined Krystal’s look as slick, minimal, and contemporary, by taking the fundaments of Krystal’s previous visuals - geometric shapes, tinted overlays, diverse colour palette - and both simplifying and modernising them. I introduced a new, five-tone colour palette to make the visual brand stand apart from its competition and replaced the current illustrative assets with a more minimal alternative, that still allows for similar versatility across various platform and media.



I removed the diamond logomark to avoid semiotic associations with mining and materialism, allowing an evolved wordmark to take centre stage. I chose to work with Radikal, due to its unusual ‘K’ which features an off-centre arm, making it distinct from the other letters. Drawing inspiration from the use of scalene triangles on the Krystal website, I experimented with breaking up the text with tapered white space to invoke rays of light or shards of glass. By restricting the number of ‘shards’ to three, the wordmark is given a sense of equilibrium.

These negative spaces give the wordmark interest - evoking clarity, and offering a sense of movement. Their

simplicity enables the wordmark to work across a variety of sizes and colours without effecting its clarity. We also chose to retain the skewed terminal on the L as a subtle nod to the previous wordmark.


Inspired by crystalline structures, neural networks, and light refraction patterns, we created some abstract illustrations to introduce a signature and cohesive style to the various brand assets. These designs can be seen as an evolution of Krystal’s current use of geometric shape into something more abstract. The illustrations are versatile - they can be layered to add depth, coloured in and used as a subtle overlay, or redrawn for a variety of media and contexts.

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