IRIS, Hurst Street Press

Illustrations and block design for a three-part magazine | IRIS by Hurst Street Press

Published by Hurst Street Press between 2016-2017, IRIS is a three-part magazine, showcasing the work of Oxford-based writers and artists. All the work included in IRIS responded to the theme 'Sense of place'. 

Here you can see the letterpress block I designed for the inside cover and a series of title page illustrations that were used for the first edition. The block design was a homage to the work of William Morris and the Kelmscott Press, taking the eponymous flower as its central focus. I drew it by hand before digitally editing it, and having it transferred to a letterpress block. 

The brief for the illustrations was to create title pages that gave a sense of continuity throughout, while also ​responding to the central theme of 'Sense of place.' I took the theme literally, taking my inspiration from the elementary structures of the world around us. Manipulating lines into watery pools, or thick rope, solid blocks of rock and contours of a landscape - from the atomic to mountainous.  

Each of the three volumes was printed using letterpress and risograph, with individually marbled bands. 

For more insight into the editorial design, see IRIS Magazine: Editorial