Brand identity for software provider 

Brand strategy and identity for a real estate software provider. 

Fabriq is a software provider who offer real estate developers and portfolio managers insights into the energy performance of their buildings. Founded in 2011, the team were looking for a brand overhaul to help them differentiate from their competitors and to more accurately reflect their brand persona. We worked with them on a half-day brand strategy workshop to create a cohesive brand persona and to develop clear positioning and brand statements.

The subsequent visual identities needed to speak to the brand's key characteristics: 

- Disruptive innovation

- Responsible progression

- Refreshingly approachable

The route I presented made use of a bold colour palette and an architectural logomark. I was inspired by the semiotic associations of the brand name and the concept of 'unlocking insights' to look into architectural drawings, blueprints and transparent nets. You can see some of my early concepts above. 

The old brand palette was mainly blue tones, and, rather than a total departure, I wanted to mature the palette and introduce something more modern and standout - the fluro lime. When balanced against the inky blue and stone (rather than a harsher black and white), the colours really came into their own.


The wordmark uses a Futura typeface, with slightly expanded spacing and a slanted arm on the F and Q to add interest and a feeling of forward momentum. This slanting is subtly echoed in the isometric logomark, which re-imagines the F as an architectural and spatial cube. The logomark became the building block of this route, offering expansive usage opportunities: animations, tessellating patterns and rotations. You can see how the angles can be used as bold background visuals above. 

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