Sustainability brochure design

Designing and copywriting a sustainability brochure for a facilities management company


While working at Avery & Brown, I designed and wrote an ESG brochure for EcoServ Group, a national facilities management company. 


We were only given sparse brand guidelines, which meant we had a fair amount of freedom on the design and tone of voice. I chose to introduce a peach and a rich mustard to expand the colour palette, which had previously only featured a pale green and blue. I also brought in single line illustrations to give an organic flow to layout - these illustrations also allowed us to visualise elements that, without a budget for bespoke photography, we could only show generically through stock imagery.

I wanted a clean look and feel, so used plenty of white space, with columns of text and varying layouts to maintain interest. I kept the typography simple, but used various call out boxes for quotes or statistics to give a hierarchical structure to the copy. 

Writing and designing the brochure in tandem was a challenge. But as a designer it meant you could almost fit the text to your design, which isn't a luxury you normally have!

Please note, this work is confidential and placed here for the purposes of this job application.