Benga Riverside brand identity

Web design and rebrand for an international school in Tete, Mozambique

I was commissioned to design a new brand identity and website for an international school in Mozambique who were leaving their managing partner. The budget was restrictive, so I focused on creating a simple website to present the basic information necessary and keep a professional online presence. 


  • A lack of high res imagery and clarity on who owned image permissions meant restrictions on what visual elements could be included.

  • No budget for ongoing web maintenance, so unfortunately, design elements have now been lost or altered. 

  • The website had a dual aim of providing an online presence for the school, as well as the investment management partnership that owned the land where the school was built. This meant appealing to very different demographics with one aesthetic. 

Logo design:

The logo was to be used for both their digital presence, and on school assets like uniform and books, so it had to be simple enough to be recognisable from a distance. I wanted to use elements of the natural landscape within the design, as this was one of the school's most attractive characteristics. We went through several ideas - using a baobab tree and the silhouette of the buildings, but in the end the client really liked the converging rivers that formed the basis of the final design. By using the striking contrast of the hot orange with the cool blue grey, I wanted to evoke the colours of the natural landscape, but bring in a professional feel.