Social media campaigns

Social media campaigns for Avery & Brown

Some of my role involved working on in house social media management. Here are two examples of campaigns that I created and managed, including all design, copywriting and scheduling. 

The first campaign, "COP Clarified", ran alongside COP26 in November 2021. It sought to educate and engage our network by explaining and summarising the proliferation of news stories and political promises. I created COP Soundbites, featuring salient quotes from the days big speakers; posts on statistics surrounding the world's biggest emitters, as well as animated 'HyCOPrisy' posts, highlighting the disjunctures between what leaders were promising and what they were agreeing to at home. This campaign culminated in a long-form blog post that summarised the conference. 

The second campaign shown here was "New Year's Revolutions", which ran throughout January 2022. This campaign was about inspiring other small businesses to join 'the revolution' by improving their sustainability credentials. Each post focused on a particular area - from digital footprints to supply chain audit - and provided practical advice and information on how to improve.

Sample copy introducing the campaign: 

It’s time for a revolution of small things. 

We need radical action to reverse the damage done to our planet and to hold back the surge of climate change. Since the status quo isn’t fit for purpose, we need to dismantle it and build a new future, if we’re going to have one. 

As individuals we don’t need to shoulder the responsibility alone. Revolutions depend upon people – lots of them. You don’t need to carry a flag to take part, you don’t need to build a barricade across a major motorway to make people listen, and you don’t need to shout down your honourable friend in Parliament to have your say. 

Revolutions happen in the kitchen, they happen in classrooms or the local pub, on a football pitch, and in the boardroom. This revolution will be made up of small acts, minor decisions, and quiet conviction. But it will rely on the total sum of our knowledge and ingenuity, our empathy, and creativity.

Over the next month, we’ll be giving you small steps to take as a business (and as an individual), to protect the planet and its inhabitants.

So, why not join our humble revolution? Because, to quote my favourite Les Mis character: ‘little people know, when little people fight, we may look easy pickings, but we got some bite.’